About this MYOB Course and its author Mary Blight

Hi there and welcome to this MYOB Course!

MYOB is a wonderful accounting package that allows the user to set up and run their business accounts, entering their day to day data, produce BAS returns and PAYG summaries (group certificates) at the end of the financial year. As this course is dealing with BAS returns and GST it is therefore aimed at Australian users. MYOB users in New Zealand and the UK can also gain benefit from this course, but would need to think about how they should adapt the concepts in this course to their own country's tax system.

The course takes you through a typical accounts set up for a small to medium business, how to check MYOB data before doing a BAS statement and the end of financial year checking and validation process before submitting your company accounts to a tax agent.

I have used MYOB version 19 to do the screen shots and walk through each section of MYOB. If you have a copy of MYOB from around version 13 onwards, the exercises should all work pretty much the same way with your version of MYOB.

If you do not yet have a copy of MYOB you can obtain a trial copy from the MYOB website. Just put MYOB download into Google and you should find a page with a number of MYOB products that you can download and try for free. The one that I suggest you download for this course is MYOB Accountright Plus as it has Payroll as well as Inventory, Banking, Purchases and Sales.

This course is for those who are running their own business and wish to start using MYOB to do their accounts, accountants and bookkeepers who use MYOB and would like to understand how to set up and use MYOB for their own clients and anyone else who is interested to understand more about how MYOB works. 

This course takes you through basic accounting concepts, a thorough treatment of the setup of a MYOB data file and how to set up and run the first BAS return, leaving the file ready for all future BAS return processing.

About the author

Mary Blight has worked in IT since the early 1980s. In the early 1990s she came across MYOB, which had been launched a couple of years earlier. In her bookkeeping business she set up around 60 MYOB datafiles for clients, and developed the method laid out in this course. This method streamlines a MYOB setup for a small business, and guides you through the areas you need to work on, giving a comprehensive overview of MYOB in the process. 

Mary set up MYOB datafiles for clients before, during and after the introduction of GST in Australia, and this course gives a comprehensive overview of data entry, leading to the production of an accurate BAS return for the Australian Tax Office. The course also covers common errors in data entry, problems that can arise from these errors and how to correct them.

This course was developed by Mary while teaching part time at TAFE and running her own bookkeeping business. It is a practical and thorough going course, giving you hands on experience with setting up a MYOB datafile from scratch, troubleshooting errors, tips and traps in data entry and how to set up your first BAS return.